Training And Consultancy

Welcome to our Training and Consultancy at TechServeSys Explore our diverse range of expert programs designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in the tech industry. We offer comprehensive training that empowers you in the tech industry.

C# Programming

Master the Art of Building Applications with C# Unlock the power of C# programming and become a proficient software developer. From basic syntax to advanced concepts, learn how to build robust applications using C#.

VB.NET Programming

Build Powerful Applications with Visual Basic. NET Discover the versatility of Visual Basic. NET (VB.NET) and learn how to create powerful desktop and web applications.

ASP.NET Development

Building Dynamic Web Applications Learn how to develop dynamic and interactive web applications using ASP.NET. Master the framework's architecture, controls, and data handling techniques.

Entity Framework

Simplifying Data Access in Applications Simplify data access in your applications by leveraging the Entity Framework. Gain hands-on experience in building efficient and maintainable data access layers.

MS SQL Server

Mastering Database Management Become a master of managing and manipulating data using Microsoft SQL Server, a leading relational database management system.


Building Blocks of Web Development Master the essentials of creating engaging websites using HTML and CSS. Learn responsive design principles for cross-device compatibility.


Building Responsive and Stylish Websites Discover how to build responsive and visually appealing websites using the Bootstrap framework. Customize themes and enhance user experience.

JavaScript and jQuery

Interactive Web Development Add interactivity and dynamic functionality to your websites using JavaScript and jQuery. Learn DOM manipulation, event handling, and AJAX.

IIS (Internet Information Services)

Web Server Administration Learn how to efficiently administer web servers using Internet Information Services (IIS). Configure, secure, and optimize websites.

Web Application Development

From Concept to Deployment Master the complete lifecycle of building and launching web applications. Plan, design, develop, integrate databases, and deploy applications to web servers.

Desktop Application Development

Building Powerful Software Learn to develop powerful desktop applications using various technologies, including C#, VB.NET, Java, or Flutter.

Java Programming

Building Scalable Applications Master Java programming and develop scalable applications. Understand syntax, object-oriented programming, and popular frameworks like Spring.

PHP Development

Creating Dynamic Web Applications Learn PHP programming and create dynamic web applications. Handle databases, user input, authentication, and scalability.

Database Administration

Managing and Optimizing Data Become a proficient database administrator. Design efficient structures, ensure data security, optimize performance, and implement backup and recovery strategies.


Building Dynamic Web Applications Leverage Angular to build dynamic and scalable web applications. Master components, data binding, routing, form validation, and authentication.

Android Native

Mobile Application Development Develop Android applications using Java or Kotlin. Design user interfaces, access device features, and integrate with backend services.


Cross-platform Mobile App Development with C# Create cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin and C#. Build native iOS and Android applications with shared code.


Building Beautiful Cross-platform Apps Develop visually appealing and performant cross-platform apps using Flutter. Build stunning user interfaces and leverage platform-specific features.